Wireless Warehouse

ABS' Wireless Warehouse will take your business to the next level by increasing the efficiency your warehouse processes. The Wireless Warehouse add-on, available on all our products, allows you to send orders in real time to a warehouse terminal or even portable devices. It can maximize order receipt and order fulfillment to reduce shipping costs. The system can also optimize who is picking orders and track employee productivity, providing you with tangible metrics. Wireless Warehouse can also be used to help your company 'go green' by making the whole process paperless.

Far and away, the biggest benefit of ABS' Wireless Warehouse is its RFID tracking capabilities. It allows you to track the exact location of every item in your warehouse with RFID tags, and it can be extended to allow you to track the product an any phase of distribution. Welcome to the future of a fully optimized and efficient warehousing network with ABS' Wireless Warehouse.