About ABS

American Business Software has been serving businesses of all sizes for over three decades by delivering custom in-house ERP solutions specific to our customers business. Since the founding of ABS we have always built industry specific software, and not just modifying our existing software for your industry. We started out in the floor coverings business and expanded into all aspects of the building industry. Today our customers have expanded to retail and warehouse companies in various industries, and in several counties. While always keeping to our core belief of building custom ERP software that meets industry specific needs.

Who are we:

Joseph Flannick
Joseph started ABS because he saw companies in the flooring industry struggling with their inventory needs. He knew that they couldn't just use off the shelf products, and decided to create the first version of FloorPro. Joseph has continued to guide the company through two additional versions of FloorPro, each one improving while maintaining the needs of those in the building industry.

Joe Flannick
Vice President of Product Development
Joe went to St. Joe's University where he majored in both computer science and mathematics. After graduating he started to apply his passion for software development and mathematics to the family business, and took FloorPro to the next level. His dedication to the company has made FloorPro an industry leader, and his knowledge of the software makes him an invaluable reource that will lead the company for decades to follow.